about us
AVF Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd is a large holding company, with three production bases and several contract manufacturers. We are specialized in high-tech level Animal health products, including veterinary APIs and Vitamin D3.
Our production is strict to GMPs. With a professional Registry Team, we have obtained ISO\ Kosher\ Halal\ FAMI-QS and the registrations of EMEA and EPA. From developing, sourcing..
Veterinary Drugs(API)
Toltrazuril 69004-03-1
Amitraz 33089-61-1
Gamithromycin 145435-72-9
Ponazuril 69004-04-2
Halquinol 8067-69-4
Penethamate 3689-73-4
Praziquantel 55268-74-1
Tulathromycin 217500-96-4
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